Hi, I'm Deniss

I have 5+ years of experience with web-development, project management and being your stereotypical IT guy. 

If you need something done in IT I’m sure I can help you with that or at least point you the right way.

Deniss Celuiko


Creating niche solutions that automate a labour intensive manual process, digitize an offilne process or just making a useful tools.

Mentoru programma LU

Freshmen mentoring program

Used by over 10 000 students of University of Latvia (since 2018) and Riga Stradins Univesity (since 2020) over the years to help undergraduate freshmen find mentors for their transition from school to university life.

Infoscreen example

Info screen solution

A simple solution to convert almost any TV or monitor into an info screen to show media to your audience.

Electronic voting system

Created by extraordinary necessity to hold ballot elections online for thousands of voters as safe as possible for a reasonable price.

sejiens.datoriki.lv landing page


A small system for participant registration and management.


Website creation

Almost everyone needs one, even me

Need a simple homepage, a bespoke web based tool for your business, or something in between? No problem.

Need it to be pretty? We'll find a designer.

Process automation

If it's boring and repetitive it can be automated

I can help you identify and automate processes that waste your time using existing tools

Web maintenance

Minor adjustments and updates to your active websites

Your website needs a touch up? Updates, tweaks, content changes, minor additions are always an option.

You don't always need a new website.

Server maintenance

Servers need maintenance to minimize security risks

You're running a Linux based VPS instance and it needs some love? I can do that.

IT help

Need help but not sure what?

Free 15-minute web call is always an option


IT guy on demand

You have IT needs but not enough to hire a person full-time? I can be your freelancer.


Get in touch

Let’s have a free 15 minute talk to see how I can help you.