Pirmkursnieku mentoringa programma

Mentoru programma LU

Used by over 11 000 students of University of Latvia (since 2018) and Riga Stradins Univesity (2020-2022) over the years to help undergraduate freshmen find mentors for their transition from school to university life.

Available at mentors.lu.lv

When registering seniors have to provide their name, faculty, study programme, description of themselves and their resons they want to mentor freshmen, photo, contact details and languages they are ready to provide mentorship in.

Upon registration their application has to be reviewed by their faculty’s mentor coordinator before it is published and they are available in the mentor selection. Mentor registration usually starts two months before freshmen enroll.

At the start of freshmen enrollment application is switched to the freshmen application mode so they can apply for a mentor. The application process is similar – it requires providing basic data about themselves and their chosen study program. After filling their basic information the applicant is shown a list of available mentors with their desriptions so they can choose a mentor they think they would get the best connection with. When submitting the application both mentor and mentee are sent automated e-mails with each other’s contact information so they can start the mentoring process.

If you’re interested in using this application you can contact me for a demo.